Adjustable ™


The Macsafe Proplock Adjustable ™ is a durable, reliable, and innovative ‘lock out’ safety device for use on most adjustable, construction props.  Call them what you will, acrow prop locks, telescopic steel multi props, adjustable support props, telescopic extendable props, adjustable jack props, formwork props or just props, there is generally not a construction project or mining site that does not require their use, and until now, there has not been a quick and easy to use locking system that guarantees safety, efficiency, or hard-wearing dependability.

Flexiprop Safe ↓

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Robert Goldspink unlocking a lock for a Flexiprop Prop Lock.


The Macsafe Proplock Adjustable ™ is the number one safety device when props are in use across all industries:

  • Construction (commercial and domestic)
  • Mining
  • Renewable energy
  • Defence
  • Rescue and safety

(Designed and researched in Australia and manufactured to Australian Standards)

Quality Guaranteed

Designed, tested and assembled in Australia to the highest standards. Designed to last for its intended use in Australian conditions.

Weather and water resistant the Macsafe Proplock Adjustable ™ is designed so that they will not shrink or swell even in harsh weather conditions.

Reusable and easy to use, the Proplock Adjustable and Standard ™ are invaluable and cost effective additions to all mining, construction and rescue sites.


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